Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Christmas Concert

The girls school split up the Christmas concert this year into two programs (one on Wed one on Thurs) and then again into two showings of the program on the night (A-L last names go to the first showing and M_Z go to the second). It was sooo great to have somewhat decent seats, have a short concert and not have to fight for parking. Genius thinkers at that school I tell ya. Paige's class sang the cutest little song about getting some new teeth for relevant for those grade one singers. They also sang Away in a Manger. Hailey's class sand a Kwanzaa song and another one about Christmas Cookies. I might be biased, I know I'm biased, but I'm pretty sure Hailey stole the show. Honestly...she was dancing and singing and full on performing like her life depended on it! Nora was all smiles and flirty coo's for the people behind us and Cait passed out in her Daddy's arms. I just kind of love this season...even if it feels extra busy this year!

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