Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hailey faces it's pretty obvious that Hailey is full of personality. Anyone that knows her knows to watch out or you might just get chewed out by this kid...literally too. But in all honesty, I've never seen someone able to tell and adult off without saying anything understandable. For example...on Sunday I was talking to the ward Chorister who mentioned that he heard I was his new boss (I'm the ward music director). Anyway, me being miss humble me, replied that I wasn't sure if boss was the right word. At that moment, Hailey, who was happily strolling the church hallways, stopped dead in her tracks looks up at the chorister and yells "akshee see is". Umm what? Did she just give that guy some serious attitude? You'd better believe it. Everyone in the hall was laughing because first of all it totally sounded like she said "actually she is" and secondly, cause she totally told him off. Wow. That's my daughter, and sadly enough, I know exactly where she gets it. Hi.

Anyway, here are a few pics of Hailey that I've taken of the last month that really show her personality.

At Arbor Lake - Hailey's "you lookin' at me?" face

Hailey's "mom, if you snap that picture, I'll, I'll.... snap too" face

Her "I'm still mad at you about this life-jacket thing, so don't even try to take another picture" face

Her "I will not smile or pretend I'm happy to see the camera" face

Hailey's "like I said mom...I'm so done with this camera thing" face

And finally, my favourite of all time...her "I LOVE this slide" face

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