Thursday, September 18, 2008

Our last month and a bit

So August was kind of crazy...we went out of town twice, and we did LOTS of hanging out with the family and friends. Then I went back to work (As you know) for two weeks. And then somehow September snuck up on me. Did you realize it is now September 18th? Where did the last few months go? Anyway, here's a little picture journal of the last little bit:

So, we had a few really great days in August - which were spent lounging out by the pool. And when I mean pool, I mean this classy little blow up thing: Cool hey?

Hailey loved it...almost as much as she loved her beach wagon.

However, I think there's a pretty close competition between the pool and Hailey's new bike. She is IN LOVE with this thing.

G-ma and G-pa W bought it for her and she pretty much gets a ride on it everyday. Lucky kid too, she doesn't even have to work for it. Kids, these days. Why, when I was a kid...I had to pedal my own bike around - uphill both 5 feet of snow. You get the picture.

Let's see, sometime in August Chris and Lauren bought a little aluminum fishing boat and motor...and in typical big brother fashion, Ben could not be outdone. So...he went out and bought one too. We took the boat down to Montana with us for the long weekend and Ben spent pretty much the entire time trying to get the thing running again. The only comfort Ben could find in that situation was that Chris was dealing with the same thing. Their boats died the same day...they spent all weekend fixing them...and then got them going again on our last day there. How perfect. Anyway, we took it out for a little spin on Flathead lake...just so Ben could prove to me that it wasn't a waste of money. Believe me...he's getting his money's worth out of that thing. Seriously, I'm a fishing widow these days. So here's a pic of Hailey and I...and a self portrait of the fam (which is harder then you'd thing - hence the funny smile)

Then when we came back from Montana I started work. My mom watched Hailey for a few days and then Tan watched her for a few days. I'm SOOOOO grateful to have them around. It would have been utterly unbearable if I didn't have family watching her. Anyway...the camera had a few weeks break during those two weeks because I was too tired to lift it out of the bag. Man I forgot how tiring it could be to sit in your office all day staring at a computer. It wiped me out!

Oh...we also went to Heidi's First Birthday Party...cute kids hey??

And is Hailey's latest favourite thing to do. Cover her head with the laptop case and run around. Classy.

Oh my gosh...I can NOT...absolutely Can NOT forget about this:

We were sooooo lucky to get to see this a few weeks ago with this wonderful couple! We had a blast and totally LOVED the show. Thanks so much for inviting us a long Lisa. I 'heart' Cirque du Soleil!


Caroline Harker said...

Love your pictures! Your little girly girl is hilarious!!! Sounds like you had an awesome summer!

lisa slocombe said...

awww, we had such a great time too!! fun to spend a night with you guys!