Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hailey's First Hair cut

I decided it was time for the mullet to go. I was kind of hoping it would just grow out and things would look good. But it was getting more and more obvious that things were just not working out.

So last night I pulled out the scissors and got started. Ben was totally opposed to the idea - he still has nightmares from the one and only time I tried to cut his hair. But I told him that it was a right of passage that every mom must go through. Plus if I really butchered it, we could always get it fixed professionally - besides, Hailey wouldn't care either way.

So here are some befores:

From behind

The embarrassed Hailey - who did NOT want her picture taken without her hair done

Afters...the next morning after I trimmed things and fixed it all up:
And the side - the best shot she would let me get.

Cute hey??

It actually turned out ok, but I think that next time I'll leave it to the professionals - It was way too stressful.


Francis Family said...

aww she is too cute! Good job though! It sucks having to cut it after it worked so hard to get that long eh? I didn't cut Kyla's until this last summer, haha and I think it was like a millimeter off! Anyways you need to put another belly shot up I think!

meaghan.p said...

I Love cutting claires hair.I love how it makes there fine baby hair look so much thicker, you did a good job on the little bob!

Angie said...

it looks so good! i am not that brave yet...

The Taylors said...

so cute! I cut Jadyns hair last week too, it was so impulsive, I just got sick of it one morning and out came the scissors, I am pretty sure it is really crooked but oh well, she doesn't care! Too bad Hailey and Heidi wont get to compare mullets on Friday!

Tierra said...

Great job on the hair cut. Did you use shears? For future reference, I found a great pair at this website:

Maybe they'll help with those sweet little tears next time!

Lahni said...

Looks good! I tried cutting I's hair once. The next day while I was at work, my mom took him to a professional to get it fixed!

Anonymous said...

Cute haircut, a perfect mini-Meagan. :)
You said Hailey wouldn't care either way, hmmmm, but then again, she just might, check out the picture of how she felt being photographed without her hair done and makeup on. :D
Hugs and love, G-Ma

Jewel said...

Nice job with the hair cut! I'd like to book an appointment!