Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Life...

Even though nothing really exciting happens around these parts...I really just LOVE my life. I've got a great husband and wonderfully entertaining daughter - with another on the way. Things are good...and I'm grateful for that. We live in a tiny, but beautiful home (which just grew by 50% this last weekend - due to some much anticipated carpet in the basement), Ben has a decent job, and we all have our health - for the most part. I may disagree on that last part when I'm trying to roll over in bed at 3am. But really, such discomforts are a sign that I'm blessed with the ability to have another child - for which I will always be grateful. Anyway, I was just thinking about this blog these last few days and how I often just poke fun at myself or my family - or at least that's what I intend to do. We really are a funny bunch...but sometimes I feel like I need to just express my gratitude for what I have. Especially since I write this Blog with the intention to keep it as a record (of some sort) of this time in my life. So I want to be able to look back and remember the fun times...the crazy times...but also the grateful times. And today I'm grateful just because I am.

Anyway, enough sappiness from me. Here are some recent pictures:

So last weekend was Valentines day/our 6 year anniversary. We contemplated celebrating...but ended up just working. We spent the Saturday laying tile in our basement bathroom. Then our anniversary (the Sunday) was spent going to church and then to a family dinner. So not the typical way to celebrate our anniversary or Valentines - but it could have been worse. Our gift to each other this year was the basement. Because let's be honest - it is NOT cheap to develop a basement. So although the weekend was pretty uneventful, we still found time to have a special little Valentines breakfast... little heart shaped French toasts. Cute hey?

Now for the random pictures - I just have to share this one:
This is Hailey's 'special' time after a bath. She gets to bundle into our bed and watch TV while I race to get a diaper before she pees all over. She takes her TV so seriously though, which is what cracks me up about this pic.

She also takes her reading pretty seriously:

And I wouldn't dare break the news to her that the book is upside down...because like I said, she's busy doing important work - and that's serious!

Speaking of taking things seriously:
She obviously takes her fairy duties very seriously. And in case you're wondering - that is the basement carpet she's walking on. Oh how sweet to have a basement!

And finally...since I know everyone is wondering what a typical day in my house is like - wonder no more:
A usual day/evening around here is spent just like the picture above. Ben's always working on one project or another, and Hailey's always right on his heels...in her tutu. And I'm usually laying on the couch watching...and sometimes taking pictures. The amazing thing about this picture is that Ben's actually reading the instructions. AMAZING!
And that's it. That's our life. Just the way I like it.
p.s I promise I'll post some Belly pics soon - I just haven't taken any in a while. But maybe today will be the day!


Christine Peterson said...

aww cute pics, i'm glad your basement is done. lots of fun!

Francis Family said...

That's right you'll get belly pics on here soon! I'm in withdrawl not being there anymore! I am missing all my friends and their new babies. so fun! Great captured moments though, it reminds me to keep snapping those pictures. Haley is so cute and so funny.

Dionne said...

Love the pic of Hailey reading an upside-down book with sunglasses on - that one made me laugh out loud.

The Taylors said...

Congrats on your new living space, you'll love it! I love hailey reading the upside down book in her glasses, she can't get any funnier!

Annette said...

Cute pictures, love that the book is upside down!

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures. Reminds me of -- you! Love and hugs, G-Ma