Friday, April 20, 2012

Cait Pictures

I'm so lucky to be surrounded by so many talented people! I'm especially lucky that one of my oldest friends is an AMAZING newborn photographer and that she took these darling pictures of Cait when she was just 11 days old.

I was so worried that Cait wouldn't cooperate at all...but she was the PERFECT baby! I think a LOT of it had to do with Laura's technique. She was so calm, and patient and kept the studio so toasty warm that I even had a hard time not falling asleep. But I was most impressed with the time and thought she put into each pose. She just calmly held Cait in the pose until it was perfect and then pulled out her camera to take the perfect shot each time. She didn't once quickly take a half decent picture because she wasn't sure if she could get something better. Nope. She KNEW she was going to get good pictures and was willing to take the time to get them! I was VERY impressed!

Anyway, have a look at her blog...and especially this post with Cait's pictures. I KNOW I'm biased...but I still think Cait is a BEAUTIFUL baby! Don't you agree?


Anonymous said...

talented Laura and beautiful Cait!

Jeni said...

those are soooo good. Also it helps that she is a beautiful baby! But really, Laura did a great job!!

Laura said...

Awe thanks so much Meagan!!!

Francis Family said...

Those are adorable pics!! I love her blonde hair!!