Monday, April 30, 2012

Instagram to the rescue

One of the best gifts I've ever received was my iPhone. Maybe that's silly or materialistic of me...but I really do love it! My favourite thing about my iPhone is the camera...and especially the instagram app. I can take quick little pictures of our daily life without worrying whether the camera is set right...or charged..or has a memory card in it. It's just so simple: I whip out the phone, snap a picture, load it into Instagram and add a filter or effect to the picture. Awesome!

So...these last few weeks, Instagram has come to MY rescue. It's been there to take pictures of my kids (and even me) when I just don't feel like getting out my real camera. So now I can remember these sleep deprived, cloudy (but so sweet) early days of Cait's life. I can remember that even though I'm perpetually in zombie mode, my other two girls are still having fun.

I'll always remember what Cait looked like when she wanted nothing but to cuddle into my neck

I'll always remember how excited Hailey was to finally figure out how to drive and steer her quad...and how she spent hours on it and her Nana and Granpa's farm

I'll always remember Paige's daredevil face as she cruised down our driveway on her bike...stopping just inches from the busy road we live on

 I'll always remember Hailey's sweet, timid expression as she started to learn to ride her bike without training wheels (or help teach her balance)

I'll always remember how small my girls were...or how big Cait looked in Hailey's arms...or how silly Paige could be

I'll be happy to have these memories one day when I wonder how I ever survived these early days. And I'll see that I did just fine!


The Taylors said...

Love those pictures, what great memories, every one of them! I especially like the one of Hailey on the quad though, what a goof!

The McGales said...

Fun post Meagan. I LOVE instagram too & just like you got worried about not taking "real" pictures but oh well they are just as good :)

Anonymous said...

Love the picture essay. What a sweetheart, little Hailey on the quad and with the scary bike (and the helmet!!) Paige, daredevil. Cait, growing.
Love your iphone, too. And your'e doing just fine 00 and then some!
Love, G-Ma

Anonymous said...

oh, one more comment - Paige's baby is dressed!! What's up with that? :) :) :)