Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cait's Blessing

Back in the eternity ago...when Cait was 5 weeks three weeks ago...we blessed her in church. NOW, I'm not a great newborn mom. I really struggle with this stage. I don't struggle nearly as much when they are 3+ months old, so normally that's when we bless our babies. But because of summer plans and other events (a new nephew being born soon...yay), the only time to bless this sweet baby of ours was when she was 5 weeks old. So we cleaned the house, bought enough food to feed an army and prepared our self for our visitors. They all showed up on time, and Ben gave our baby Cait the sweetest blessing. To mark the occasion, we took a few pictures outside. I mentioned earlier that my lens is broken...well these pictures were the first sign. They wouldn't focus at all. So sad. But at least we still have these blurry memories....and to be honest, some of them I don't mind being blurry:

Like when we're running around like crazy trying to round up our two other kids for the picture, when I'm grimacing because my life feels so out of control etc.

Or when that middle child of mine acts so much like a...well...a middle child

But then there are some pictures I wish weren't as this one, where the middle child is only partly acting like a middle child and more so like a 2 year old, where the oldest looks sweet and angelic, where the Dad is smiling, where the Mom looks half decent and where the baby isn't crying. This one I would have liked in focus.

Overall the day was great. It was fun having all our families here...and it was actually kind of nice doing this with a newborn. She just slept in every one's arms all day long. And the best part of it all? I don't have to worry about planning it anymore...because it's DONE!!! hahaha...I'm so positive!

Anyway, just in case you were wondering, the middle child sometimes is sweet and angelic too. Like when she's reading to her baby sister. Yes. She's sweet and angelic...and THIS pictures is in focus! So I hope to remember it clearly!


Lahni said...

My lens does that refuse to focus thing too - luckily I still have my prime lens - which is the good one anyway.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing, I even brought the blessing dress out to your home last week just in case we wanted to dress up your littlest and take more pictures -- in focus -- but I never got around to it. It's not just new mothers who are running around hectic-like. ;)
Love, G-Ma

The Taylors said...

Awe Meagan, the photos still look pretty great to me! I love all your outfits too!! Paige is totally adorable :)