Thursday, May 24, 2012


Life has been normal lately. Nothing exciting. Nothing boring. Just the every day normal kind of stuff.

Hailey started soccer - which means mom (me) and the three girls get to look like a gong show every time! That is unless Ben can make it, and then if he does I think a LOT less people feel sorry for me. Hailey takes the whole soccer business pretty seriously do I. Paige takes her snacks pretty seriously, and Cait just sits there taking life seriously.

Paige had a sprinkler date with her cousins...oh she LOVES her cousins! She's not a big fan of playing with other kids. But when her cousins are around she gets right in there.

 Hailey got some new quad gear. This gear was actually MY mothers day gift. Ben asked me what I wanted: something for me, or something to ensure the safety of my children. Easy choice for me.

We gave the trailer it's first trip of the year. People thought I was crazy for travelling with a newborn...but the beauty of new babies is that they wake up in the night no matter where they are. So my sleep remained the same old crappy sleep. She did pretty good though. I can't complain about 5-6 hour stretches at 7 weeks.

And the baby got to sleep in her own bedroom. This was a direct result of camping. Up until now we haven't been able to get her to sleep past 6:30 am. That just doesn't work for me. BUT while we were camping, I got frustrated and left her in her 'room' and went and slept in the other end of the trailer. I could still hear cries (if there were any) but none of the grunty stuff she likes to do while sleeping. Well...turns out that when I'm not responding to her grunts, she'll sleep in until 8:30. And so the idea of her own room came up...and it was a GREAT decision!

Anyway, my real camera broke. Well the camera's ok, the lens is toast. I'm soooooo sad. So I've been using my iPhone WAY more then necessary. And that's ok for now.


Anonymous said...

great post, great choice for a Mother's Day gift, fun thinking of what your girls are taking seriously (Paige and her, and I seriously thought it was Hailey in the sprinkler!

After holding Cait for awhile yesterday I can confirm that she grunts and grumbles and stirs and wriggles and stretches and grunts and growls -- and did I mention grunts? -- almost the whole time. :) So cute and funny unless it's in the middle of the night.

I think she enjoys her own room and I know her older sisters are thrilled to share a room.

The Taylors said...

I love that Cait's outfit matches her wall hanging in the picture! Hailey looks so cute playing soccer and in her quadding gear! Like a professional! And i also thought Paige was Hailey in the sprinkler!