Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas prep

Christmas Preparations are well under way. We've been a bit under the weather since Mexico... so things haven't been all that exciting. But we've tried out best.

We sent letters to Santa

Paige couldn't Hailey thought her three inch advantage would help. lol

We decorated a gingerbread house...and the kids had full artistic license

We made sugar cookies

And at them...of course

We did some Christmas crafting (Michael's premade kits...that's the way this house rolls)

We've been reading a LOT of Christmas books

And we even attended the cutest Christmas concert ever!

It's been a pretty good Christmas season. Cait didn't really want to be involved in any of the she didn't get any pictures taken. Scrooge. Kidding...she's been pretty happy to crawl around and eat crumbs off the floor while we ignore her. Kidding. Sort of. 


Anonymous said...

Such darling pictures and cute commentary. I love the part about Cait crawling around and eating crumbs -- just kidding, sort of. :)

So, what did the girls ask Santa for?
Love, G-Ma and G-Pa in snowy Montreal

Anonymous said...

Oh, and is the picture of Hailey reading to Paige a "set up picture?" We wonder that because the doll is clothed and when has Paige had a doll with clothes on?
Love again, G-Ma and G-Pa

The Taylors said...

I love the picture of Hailey in her Christmas concert, she is so excited to be on stage!