Sunday, December 09, 2012

It's December...

And I have some November to catch up on.

Since we last spoke, a few exciting things have happened:

This little lady learned how to crawl:

This Family of mine finally got together for some pictures:

These parents of mine got their mission call...and LEFT on their mission a few weeks later. Well they actually never got the call, but they figured it out:

This little lady lost her first tooth (and her second too...but that was December):

 This little friend came for a visit to our house...and plans to keep our kids in line for Christmas:

This little lady got the stomach flu (as well as the rest of the first, and then the others at at the worst possible time - in MEXICO)

AND...we went to Mexico. Well that's technically a December thing. So I'll post about that one later!

When I have time...

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