Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dutch Creek - Family trip

We had tried to plan a camping trip with Ben's entire family this summer (beside's Rebecca and Randall who were having way too much fun in Arizona). But, Ashley and Caleb were pretty hard to pin down, with all their world travelling and such. Anyway, we did manage a little trip with his parents and Chris and Lauren back in July. It was a nice little trip. Cait was sick with another infection and my spirits were pretty low. I just want her to be healthy! I was tired from the lack of sleep we'd been getting lately (When Cait's sick she really struggles...and who wouldn't with a kidney infection every month??). So here are some pictures from the weekend...I didn't take a ton because I was just trying to relax.

Ben and his Dad cuddling under the trailer...or fixing our generator. One of the two.

Cait playing with her Nana...she's being a little stinker. Can you tell? Can you also see her forehead? She's a unicorn!! lol. Some sort of bug bite right in the middle of her eyes. She totally looked like a little troll all weekend!

my girls are's all about the runway these days!

Missing one tooth...with another barely hanging on! I love this stage! Now we just get to wait for those giant adult teeth to grow in!

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