Friday, August 16, 2013

Money Mountain/Colour me Rad

One of our family traditions is to go to Money Mountain every year. It's a...semi trashy campground with a huge pile of dirt in the middle that's loaded with money. The kids sit on the pile all day and dig for money. Every mom's dream! Even us hardcore campers have a hard time with the mess. But the kids love it. And just a reminder, when I say we're hardcore camper, you know I mean: people who camp in a 36 foot trailer with a huge popout, air conditioning, water, power, flat screen TV etc. We're hardcore!! lol. Anyway, we go with my Aunt and Uncle - their kids, Becc and Jar and sometimes other people from my family (those who are brave enough to battle to mess). The part I like about the campground is it gives us all the chance to let our inner redneck out. The campground is basically just a big circle of sites with a playground and the infamous money mountain in the center. So us parents just set our lawn chairs up on the edge of our site and watch the kids play in the middle. It's like Lord of the Flies out there with all the kids running wild. But no one cares. We're there to be rednecks and no one's stopping us...or should I say Ain't no one stopping us! Or whatever it is Rednecks say...because really, I'm not quite there yet!

Sometime in the middle of this weekend I drove myself BACK to Calgary to run the race with Laura Taylor and her sister and daughter. I felt just like part of the family! What's funny is the race was supposed to be MY sisters with Laura, and then my family cancelled and Laura's stepped up. Hmmmm. It was a lot of fun and maybe I can get my sisters to actually participate this year!! If not, I'll just join Laura's family again. They seem more reliable.

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