Monday, December 02, 2013

There's this thing...

There's this thing that I love about my husband: He's passionate. And when I say that I mean, when he's excited about something he's very excited about it. So if he's into snowboarding, he LOVES it. If it's's the best. If it's quadding you'd better believe he'll devote a ton of time to it! If it's his family...he can't get enough of us. And if it's Christmas - he'll make sure it's awesome! He loves giving gifts. He loves shopping for gifts and surprising people with said gifts. He's always got ideas brewing, and believe me, they are great ideas. favourite thing about him (at least at Christmas time) is that he LOVES Christmas lights. Our first year in our first home we spent endless hours shopping around Calgary to find the perfect lights. He wanted icicles, he wanted LED, and they were impossible to find. But he did because he was dedicated to those Christmas lights. And now every year since he puts those same old lights up and then takes us for a drive around town to get inspiration for other great light adventures. This year we went around and made notes of our favourite displays and vowed to something bigger and more exciting next year. This kind of stuff is exciting for my husband and that's why I LOVE him so much! There's no 'bah humbug' mood around this house. It's all Christmas cheer all the time!

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Love, G-Ma and G-Pa