Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My parents came for a visit

When my parents got their mission call to Montreal I was soooo excited!! I had big plans to go an visit them and meet everyone they were meeting and see the sites. Years ago my mom and I went on a trip to Montreal and it was so fun that I couldn't wait to go again. But then Cait got sick, and life got busy and we haven't had the chance yet. And to be honest, it's not in the budget this year and they're coming home in June. So...there goes that dream.

BUT...they took care of that problem by coming home for a visit. Becc had a baby on November 15 and they used that as an excuse to come home and see everyone else. They took a turn visiting and spending the night at all our homes and catching up. It was awesome!!
Most of us showed up at the airport to greet them...and Josh and Charlotte even made a sign!!

When they stayed at our home we went sledding up and back down the street...and then quickly returned to the house because it was so darn cold!!

the girls got bedtime stories galore from grandma! And french lessons from grandpa.

It was a great visit...and now we can't wait for them to come home for good!

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Anonymous said...

Not that we're counting, but only 122 days until we're released.

We had a wonderful visit home. :)