Wednesday, November 06, 2013


Last year the girls decided to be Vampire Princesses for Halloween. Awesome. Sometime this summer I found these sweet dresses in Winners. Done. But then I realized I'm a theme kind of long as my kids are young enough to go along with the fun, we will always have a Halloween theme. Peter Pan and Captain Hook, Little Bo Peep and her one little Sheep, the pirate and her Parrot, the Cheerleader and school mascot, or the Safari Guide/Explorer and the Safari Animals. So this year I had to think of some sidekick costume to go with these Vampire princesses. My first thought was to make Cait a bulb of garlic. How awesome would that be??? But then one day I found a little Bat Hoodie in Target and it sealed the deal. Of course we would be a family of Vampires with our trusty bat to play along. So FUN!!

Now tell this not the cutest bat ever?

I would NOT want to see these three in an dark alley - ever

Creepy Hailey

Scary Paige

This little bat is how they work their magic. She looks so cute and approachable; and then BAM there are two creepy Vampires ready to suck your blood!

And just an adorable series of pictures of this bat eating...something off the grass. I'm hoping it's mud. But doesn't she look like she belongs?


Lahni said...

YOU found a bat hoodie at target??? I think I found the bat hoodie at target...

Anonymous said...

The best dressed, scariest vampires ever! Cute little Cait in the cutest ever bat hoodie.