Thursday, November 14, 2013

Montana with the cousins

One of the things that happened after I finished my picture a day project was that I stopped using my camera. I was so happy to be done taking pictures and even more happy to just sit and enjoy those moments instead. I need to find a balance though. Take our trip to Montana last week. Chris and Lauren invited us down for a last minute long weekend to her parents cabin. We had a lot of fun in the Hot Tub, kayaking in the Rain, playing games, flying the toy airplane and so on. It was a great weekend. I however only took two of all the kids while shopping and one of Cait folding her arms for prayer time at the dinner table (while reading a magazine of course).

So although I thoroughly enjoyed myself and really had a chance to appreciate each moment, I do wish I'd brought out my camera a few more times!! Oh well, those will be memories I just have to keep in my head!

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