Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Carving Pumpkins

Oh pumpkin carving...what to say. Let's first of all get this clear. I LOVE Holidays. All of them. I love doing fun things with the kids! I tolerate carving pumpkins...only because I hate gutting them. AND, don't even think about roasting pumpkin seeds. That stuff is nasty! But it's all still fun. My theory about Holidays and fun family events is that Pinterest has no place in any of it. I hate Pinterest. I hate that people feel the need to make everything look perfect. I mean, whatever happened to carving a few triangles into a pumpkin and calling it a day? Do I really need to clean my house, hang some homemade Halloween banner, make pumpkin muffins (with perfect icing), and listen to spooky music at the same time? No I do not. And I'll tell you what works better in my family...letting them be part of the process!!! Now if you do happen to do all those things and it works for your family...then great!! It's just no our style. We're a bit messy, the kids run the show a little more than some families...but we're making some good (not as picture perfect) memories in the process.  We sat down and the girls drew their design on paper (or right on the pumpkin) and Ben and I helped them carve those designs. Then after they posed with those pumpkins and tried to make the same face their pumpkin made. How cute is that? And then of course Cait chewed on the pumpkins any chance she could. She's a little savage!

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Anonymous said...

Those look like pretty heavy pumpkins -- and their faces really do match their pumpkins'. That's cool.
Love, G-Ma and G-Pa