Monday, August 11, 2014

Birthday Season!!

I Love Birthday season around here. It always means summer is here and it especially means that my big girls are growing up and getting bigger!! This year for Paige's Birthday we had a big water/beach party. Unfortunately it was kind of Cold and rainy that day...but that didn't stop the kids from getting their suits on and getting wet! The day was full of sprinklers, water balloons, fishing and pinatas. Just so much fun!

Then a few weeks earlier Hailey turned 7. My parents came and took the older girls for the day and let my pregnant self relax with Cait. It was a great day. They brought Hailey and Paige home with Birthday gifts for Hailey and gifts for the other two girls. We ended the night with a trip to Boston Pizza...Hailey's choice. It was just such a great day!

Then a week later I had a spa party for Hailey. Sarah came and did nails and oatmeal facials with the girls. Note to self...and anyone who cares...5-7 years old don't really like facials. It lasted like 2 minutes until they were all crying and begging to take it off.

Overall, this little string of Birthdays we have in June and July was just what I needed this summer. I love my little family and those perfect girls of mine!

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