Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Dunes

 Ben has been going to the dunes for a few years now. He loves it there...I'm not so sure. I still get pretty anxious when it comes to him and his boys trips, especially since the avalanche. But over the years I've learned to trust him and his ability. I don't always love his adventure seeking ways, but I do love him and that's a HUGE part of who he is. So I've come to accept it.

This summer, in an attempt to calm my troubled nerves when it comes to the Dunes trips he takes twice a year, he decided to take our family there for a week of Duning. I'll admit that although it was pretty terrifying it was also amazing. The view from the top of the Dune's was stunning. The thrill of riding up and down the dunes was exhilarating. And the time with my family was healing. It was the perfect week. It rained a little bit, we shopped a little, it was super hot for a few days, we played at the lake a few times, we made a slip 'n slide, we went ice caving and we also took a trip to Yellowstone. We packed that week full of fun times...and threw in a LOT of relaxing too. I loved it.

Enjoy the pics: 
Ben on the Maverick - Hailey peeking too

Ben, Hailey, Paige, Cait and Grandpa...it had rained earlier in the day so the sand was still kind of wet. Which I liked because I felt like we had more control and weren't slipping around as much. 

Ben and Hailey and Paige

I was on the trip too...that's me under the helmet

One of the Rainy days we headed off to Yellowstone for the day. Kind of a neat experience. Here's Hailey

Ben and Cait...she was not happy about being stuck on the boardwalk. But we weren't about to let her play in the boiling water!

Grandpa and Paige

Some of the pools were so pretty

Watching Old Faithful

Our little family...Old Faithful

Grandpa and the Girls

Off roading on our way to the ice Cave...it was a bumpy bump ride

I told you the view from the top was gorgeous!

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