Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A little October update from my iPhone

I've been so busy lately. Like crazy crazy busy. I've taken on some more responsibilities with the business, I started up Piano again, picked up two more students (total of 10) and I've been steady with photoshoots all September and October. I haven't done laundry in weeks, which means one of my children is now stuck wearing her sisters panties because we ran out of hers. We're also been contemplating this potty training thing. Some days I try, some days Cait tries, and some days neither of us bothers. Dinner is hit and miss around here, more often it's a miss. And I haven't vacuumed in at least a week. One of the girls (not Cait) is getting night time potty trained (there's actually a physical reason for the bedwetting - according to Cait's nephrologist). So she's been sleeping with a bed wetting alarm, which goes off at the slightest indication of moisture. It's actually working and her dry night far outnumber and hint of a wet night. But it's still exhausting. I can hoenstly say I'm looking forward to things slowing down just a bit. Life feels so out of control.

Which is why I'm posting iPhone pictures. My real camera is always full of clients pictures that I haven't pulled it out for our own. And even then, my iPhone is hardly taking any pictures...I think I'm kind of burning out. So here's a little tiny update:

Waiting for the bus

Playing games with Dad

Potty Training

Drawing pictures during General Conference

Scouting out new Photography locations

Playing in the beautiful fall leaves

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