Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The potty

So this potty training thing...I'm not so sure about it. I was really so spoiled the first two times I went about it. Hailey was done in a day, and Paige - well, she told me she was ready so I let it be. And she was! That was is. With Cait, I thought for sure she was ready, she takes her diaper off every time after she pees and asks for a new one. She actually tries to sneak panties on any chance she can. AND she has even willingly decided to go potty on the toilet on her own - multiple times!

So basically, I know she wants to wear panties and she's capable of getting the concept. But that's it. We spent one day working hard on this potty thing without a single success. Then I had a crazy week after that, so I put it on hold. Then one busy Saturday she refused to wear diapers, so we gave it another go. And total failure!! Ok, not total...she did go once! But then she decided to empty the potty herself and ended up tripping and dumping it all over the carpet! The worst was at the end of the day, she hadn't peed for over an hour, so I sat her on the potty. She sat for ten minutes. I sang songs, danced, talked a LOT about pee, and nothing. She just didn't have to go. So I sent her upstairs to have a bath and on the way up the stairs?? Yep...she peed! Honestly!!

Part of me thinks it was just way too busy of a day to really focus on her. I really feel like I need a day when they other two are at school and I have nothing else on my plate to just get this done. Cait, me, the sippy cup and the potty! I think it will work. But then another part of me wonders...she's had three procedures/surgeries on her bladder and Ureter. There's obviously something not working there. Could she have some nerve damage of some sort that's causing problems? Is there more to it than just being a busy toddler in a busy house without anyone's undivided attention? Very very likely? Should I worry about it yet? Maybe not. I'll make sure I give it another solid try or two in the next month. Then when we're back in to see her Urologist and Nephrologist in January we'll discuss this...among a million other things.

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