Thursday, October 30, 2014

Family Pictures

I was busy this summer taking family pictures for other families. Near the end of September it suddenly dawned on me that it's been two years since we've done family pictures! And although our family hasn't changed, we sure have grown! The only problem was once I realized I wanted pictures I wanted them done ASAP...because I needed the leaves a certain colour etc to go with my theme. AND since I was so busy taking pictures for other people I wasn't sure if I could get a real photographer to take mine on the exact date I wanted in the exact window of time I wanted too. So, I decided to borrow my friend Angie for 10 minutes to take a few family shots, then I sent her on her way and I finished the rest. Hailey took a few shots of Ben and me, my tripod and remote did a few more. It was kind of a fun experience. But really, I want to just show up at a session, pay the money and let someone else do all the work. I think next year I'll be more organzied and actually book something!

So here they are...our 'Lumberjack/Woods/Meets house of Blonde girly-girls' theme. The funny thing is Ben had a really good scruffy beard going that I was so excited to have in our pictures. When he came home that day I was busy getting the girls ready so he went upstairs, showered and got dressed without talking to me. I saw him for the first time as we were loading into the van and he had SHAVED!! But he was so proud of himself for thinking to shave for family pictures that I couldn't say what could I do? Ask him to grow back his facial hair? So I just embraced it. And although he doesn't quite look like the scruffy lumberjack I had imagined I sure did like that smooth face for all our kissing pictures!! And really...I get my scruffy mountain man every day, it's kind of fun to see the clean shaven guy I first met!! I kind of love him...maybe a lot! And those girls...could they be anymore lovely???

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The McGales said...

I LOVE these pictures Meagan!! They turned out so cute....because of the cute family obviously. That's too funny about ben shaving haha! And I love your looks so good on you and in the pictures.