Friday, November 14, 2014

Pumpkin time

Kids and Halloween equals a hundred times more fun. Actually kids and any holiday equals a hundred times more fun! This year has been a bit busier than normal and I wasn't quite in the mood for Halloween. But we had one gorgeous afternoon pop up out of nowhere, so Cait and I decorated our front porch for the Holiday and then had a little picnic lunch. Later that day when the girls came home from school we got the house all decked out. I have so much fun decorating for can be as tacky as you'd like and it's still cool. Right?? At least that's my opinion!

Anyway, earlier in October Ben took the girls to the store to buy their Halloween Pumpkins. We have a little tradition in our house where we like to let them design their own pumpkins 100%! It's not about pinterest, or how fancy other people do their pumpkins, it's about expressing our creativity! So the girls picked the biggest pumpkins they could and waited for the big carving day! finally came! Just barely in time. The girls got in on everything...from drawing their designs to scraping the insides out. Even Cait gave it a try!

In the end, even though I wasn't all that excited at first for the work of a Holiday like Halloween, I was happy we followed through on our traditions.  It seems like lots of work upfront, but the payout is so worth it! And really, Halloween is one of my favourite Holidays! How could I not make it awesome?

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