Monday, November 17, 2014


I normally love nothing more than a family themed costume. This year we were going to be a big ol' zombie wedding. Cute hey? However, only one of my children - and definitely not my husband - actually agreed with the theme. The other two were very insistent on being a Monster High (Abby Bominable) and a princess (either Elsa or Cinderella). So I went with it. It's all about them anyway! Friday the girls had no school so we relaxed at home, then decided to run down to the river and take a few pictures in costume...unfortunately I didn't realize we had no white facepaint and it's pretty hard to look like a zombie without some white. So we ran around town to every single store I could thing of that might have white left, and none did. Well, I guess the old dollar store downtown had some, which of course wasn't on my list and was just a last minute call just in case. So two hours later I got the girls home and quickly put them in their costumes, slapped some makeup on their faces and took some pictures. We got back just in time to eat dinner and head out for trick or treating. I don't know how I manage to take an entire day with nothing to do and turn it into a last minute gong show of rushing around and stressing. That's my mom talent I guess.

She's going to eat your brains!!

Don't let her fool you...she may be sweet but she's still a monster

She's a mix of her two favourite princess - Cinderella and Elsa (not the Elsa braid)

Poor Princess, she doesn't realize these two have got her under their spell. Never trust a Zombie and a Monster High!

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