Sunday, November 30, 2014

Dinner parties turned impromptu photoshoot

There was this one day...yesterday...when we had some good friends over for dinner we hadn't seen in years. We had planned to take some pictures of their kids for their Christmas card, and since I had things set up I thought "why not take some of our girls?" Things were working out just right. I mean, we had actually bathed them, brushed their hair and even put some clean clothes on them. Perfect right? Well, we didn't actually DO their hair, we just brushed it. And they also weren't really all that interested in having their picture taken because they had new/old friends to play with. So I tried...nothing really turned out. But they're still gorgeous in my eyes. It's pretty hard to get Cait to look at the camera and make a normal smiling face, actually it's pretty hard to get Paige to do that too. Hailey's pretty easy though...unless she's trying too hard. But really, when it comes down to it, I just love pictures of them no matter what they're doing. I like remembering these stages. Hailey with her big gorgeous smiles and new adult teeth; Paige just so sweet and shy around the camera and not quite sure where to look; and Cait just not caring one bit what anyone asks of her. Not one bit. Not at all. Ever. Ben and I sure adore each one of these girls and their very different personalities!

p.s. I added one picture of Hailey and her oldest friend Jocelyn. They were each others first friends. Chantelle and I used to get these girls together when they were just little tiny babies! They've grown a LOT since then!

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