Thursday, December 04, 2014

Trimming the tree

There was a about a 2 day time period where Ben and I were set on going and cutting down our own Christmas tree. It sounded like the perfect Holiday tradition. I was picturing Hot Chocolate, and sleds, and happy kids with rosy cheeks along for a beautiful ride. Then when we got home I was picturing just unwrapping a perfect Christmas tree and 'poof' Christmas was ready! And did you know that in my imagination, that tree also came pre flocked? You know, with snow on it's branches that never melted or made a mess or anything.  Well, it did. Maybe it was pre lit...or didn't need lights because it just glowed from within because it knew how happy we were with our real tree.

And then the -30 weather hit...and dug in for the long haul. You know, all during that perfect time period to cut down your own tree. And the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea of bringing up our trusty old fake tree from the basement. The one that doesn't shed needles, or doesn't need to be trimmed, or anything really. We just take it out of the box, and fold down the branches...maybe fluff them a bit, and we're good to go. So I consulted with myself and pulled that ol' tree up the stairs and go started on the Christmas tradition I've always known. The girls got in on the action, and because it was -30, Ben was busy bringing warmth to the homes of the heatless and didn't get home until the girls were bathed and pj'd. He did arrive just in time to let the youngest put the start on the tree, which we all decided was a great tradition...this year at least. 

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