Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Concert

So I love our schools Christmas Concert. They break the concert into two days, half the elementary one day, the other half the next. They also limit each class to two songs, there's some narrating in between songs and then a band number between classes. When you add it up, you're looking at under an hour! PERFECTION!

I loved watching my little girls sing their hearts out. One of them (Hailey) kept her songs secret all week so I'd be surprised, and the other one (Paige) wanted me to help her practice. Two little blonde girls with very different personalities. The night of, I have to say, I was surprised that neither of my kids was front and center! WHAT??? Who's idea was that? The thing is, they usually are more visible. But not this time, the both were tucked away in the most awkward spot for me to take pictures. I still filmed the performance and we'll hopefully watch it again one day. And I took some pictures as the other kids were leaving just so you could actually see my beautiful angel daughters! They did great....their classes did great...and it was just another fun pre Christmas activity we got to check off our advent calendar! Gosh, I love Christmas!

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