Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Eve

I love my family and their Christmas eve get together. It's always full of laughs, kids everywhere, great food and the best nativity ever. Some years we take it more seriously than others. This year didn't happen to be a serious year. But it was a good one! Almost all of us also happened to get matching PJ's. It wasn't totally planned, but slightly coordinated. Meaning Becc put a big order in an a bunch of us added to it. Over all, another great Christmas Eve to remember!

This little zebra (sheep) might have stole the show! It was a tight race though!

Three beautiful girls...the only ones taking their roles seriously

sums up the nativity

just a little more crazy to add to the rest of the crazy
This is how excited Ben was about our matching pj's

he eventually got into it though...this pic is honestly the most accurate depiction of our family. A little bit of normal, some grumpy and lots of crazy!

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