Wednesday, April 08, 2015


This year Easter fell on General Conference weekend...which I think might be a first for me. At least as a mom. Not having actual church on Sunday sort of took the pressure of this tired pregnant mom and the expectations to find the perfect set of three Easter Dresses. I honestly just couldn't get it together enough to do the necessary shopping for this event, and I was therefore so happy when I realized I didn't technically need Easter dresses for the girls. Really, I understand that I don't technically need them at all...but this was a huge opportunity for me to relax and take things a little easier.

On the Friday the girls and I decorated eggs. Earlier that week I went on a field trip with Paige's class to the art gallery here in town and we leared all about the art of Pysanka - Ukrainian Easter eggs. So we applied the same techniques to our eggs. We used crayons instead hot wax to create the designs and then I let the girls go to town. It was honestly so fun and easy! I don't think we've decorated eggs for quite a few years around here, but this year it all seemed to fall into place (i.e. they were the perfect age and no babies).  Then we packed up and drove down to the farm to spend the night. The Farm is close enough that we technically didn't need to sleepover, but it's always fun to change things up. Especially on Holidays. We spent Saturday lazing around, eating the most delicious waffles made in an antique waffle iron and playing outside. A quick trip back to Calgary that afternoon and we were ready to watch an Easter play put on by Tanya and her kids. It was exceptional. We followed Saturday with a nice relaxed Easter Sunday. The girls found their baskets...loved everything in them (especially the water bottles, who would have guessed?), we watched conference and then went to Nate and Tans for our annual Family Easter Egg hunt. It was pretty perfect!

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