Thursday, April 23, 2015

On Having 4 girls

I'm sure I beat this subject to death...and everyone's sick of hearing about it. But really, I get asked about this ALL the time. How do we feel about having another girl...and I'm not really sure how else to respond other than say "we're thrilled". Because it's the truth. We are so happy. Did we want a boy? Were we trying for a boy? No and No. Not that we DIDN'T want a boy, but we knew full well that we were going to get what we were going to get regardless of our opinion. It's luck of the draw and what we drew was pretty lucky. Would we have been over the moon excited if this baby was a boy? Yes! Anymore excited than we are now knowing it's a girl? No. It just really makes no difference to us. There are benefits to either gender and although I'll miss out on lots of boy milestones, I certainly won't miss out on the girls ones. I'm sure our teenage years will be crazy, but maybe they won't. What I do know is that our house is filled with all sorts of girly things like Princess Charm school, princess everything, Barbies, Hair Salons, Baby dolls, more pink than you could ever imagine and even more Princess stuff. I also know that our home is full of some typical boy stuff like Dinosaurs and Rocks and quads and mud and bugs and worms and so on. We might have a smaller toy car selection than most homes, and we don't have any trains here, but no one's missing out. Our girls have the privilege of being who ever they want to be...and sometimes that includes a lot of pink, and sometimes it doesn't. We're happy about that. We very excited to add one more personality to this mix. Even though they're all girls, not one of these three is the same. Each came with their own challenges and especially their own talents.

Now, I know some people have said "poor Ben". And you know what...I don't think he's feeling to bad about this situation. He's got 3 amazing girls right now that just adore him. What more could he ask for? A boy to go quadding or hunting with? Well...he's got three willing girls? In fact I think he's winning right easy are bathroom breaks at the mall when you don't have any kids to take to the men's room? Or the change room at the pool? Totally a breeze when it's just you! I think there are certain things he would have liked to experience with a son that he won't with a girl...but then there are certain things he can experience with his daughters that he wouldn't with a son. So he's in the same boat I am...more than thrilled to be welcoming another little girl to this mix!

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