Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring Break Fun

Since we just came back from our Disney Trip it didn't seem like quite the right time to plan a trip anywhere else during our Easter Break. So I decided to plan a little Staycation for the girls and I while Ben worked. On the schedule? Wave Pool (with Ben on Easter Monday), a games day with the girls friends, a trip to the Tyrell Museum, and a trip to the Zoo. It was busy and fun and so exhausting.

One of the games on our big Game day was Freeze dance...which quickly turned into the Paige show. This girl and her dance moves - they're seriously the best!

I was so grateful for my parents for coming with us to Drumhellar to the Museum, I honestly couldn't have done it without them. They made the day a lot more fun than it would have been. We picnicked, then climbed the giant dinosaur at the info center, and then finally made it to the actually Dinosaur museum. Hailey was in HEAVEN! I love that she loves this kind of stuff so much! My parents generously bought and paid for ecverything that day - including more than enough souvenirs for my girls. It was a perfect day!

On Zoo day we brought our own Zoo to the Zoo. How many times can I say Zoo in one sentence?? I went with Lauren and her four kids. So 7 kids total plus one very pregnant mom (and Lauren) made for quite the gong show. But as always when it comes to Lauren and her kids we had lots of fun! The girls just love those cousins of theirs and somehow we ended the day without too may injuries/ tears  and no lost kids! HUGE success! That's how we count successes around here...everyone has their bones where they belong and everyone made it home! 

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