Friday, May 29, 2015

iPhone rescue

These last few weeks have been really hard. I'm usually a happy camper right up until the end of my pregnancy but this time I'm just barely hanging on. I'm exhausted and sore and I hardly ever leave my spot on the couch. My poor girls have the lamest mom in the world. But thank goodness for the phone and it's super crappy pictures! Because these are the only pictures I have to document these last days of this pregnancy! We've been busy! I've been nesting like crazy. I have cleaned and organized every single closet in this house (but mine because I'll need to do it anyway once I rid myself of my maternity clothes). I've cooked a million freezer meals for when this baby arrives. I've organized the girls rooms and made room for the baby. I've purchased bins and made cute labels for them so that when the baby comes we won't be wondering wear the sunscreen is. Because you know, that's very important. I clean our bathrooms ALL the time just in case I go into labour - I need a clean bathroom you know! Some of it's logical, most of it's not. But it works and it's keeping my busy!

I also spent a rainy Saturday with my mom doing some sewing! We made baby blankets (which we didn't actually sew...just cut some jersey fabric into a square), little baby bandanna bibs (we DID sew these) and some little hair bow head wrap things (also involved sewing). While we sewed my girls played and played and then went out searching for worms. The found the biggest grossest worm in the world and were mesmerized!

I'm officially huge! Actually not as huge as I've been in the past! We had a little scare where I was measuring quite large, which resulted in a BPP (Bio-physical-profile) ultrasound, which resulted in a non-stress test because the baby wasn't doing her practice breathing. But all ended well, and at my next appointment I was measuring right on. But at least we now know for SURE it's a girls!
 Paige was involved in a school assembly today. The day before she asked if I could make her a deer costume for her part in the performance!! The 39 week pregnant momma that I am said - go find something in the dress up box. Which she did. And I must say, she was the cutest giraffe the forest has ever seen! In my defense though...most the other kids didn't have deer costumes either! Or any costume at all. So I feel like we were totally more on top of things than most!

This last week has been extra stressful because Hailey came down with a pretty intense kidney infection. It was honestly a little bit scary - but a nice change from Cait's infections! With Hailey though, she ended up needing two rounds of IV antibiotics to beat the darn thing. I'm just glad this hit BEFORE baby and not after. I don't know how I could have done it with a new baby. She seems to be feeling a bit better and now we just need to finish up with the oral antibiotics and all should be good!

So besides that I'm ready for this baby! We need to get through tomorrow first (Grandpa's 60th birthday party) and then Sunday too (Cait gets to go see Dora live with her cousin Liam). Once those two events are done then we can have this baby! I'm hoping for June 1st so she can share a Birthday with Grandpa McCance...but I don't want to get my hopes up. I'm not due until the 4th of June! So we shall see!!

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