Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hailey's Party

So once again...I was feeling overwhelmed with life. Story of my life!!! So for Hailey's party we decided to take two of her closest friends and two of her closest cousins to Chucky Cheese!! I was a bit worried it would be old and run down...but it was NOT at ALL!! IT was such a great positive experience. I booked the party online and was able to pick and choose what we wanted. I ordered the cake through them (still too overwhelmed to do a cake) and I'm glad I did. When we showed up the hostess met us at the door. She was assigned to our party exclusively and was there to help the entire time. She ushered kids around, served them pizza, cut and served the cake, coordinated the big store wide Birthday song/dance etc. It was seriously the easiest party I've ever done! I just sat back and let it all happen. The kids had a BLAST!! I would for SURE do another party here!! Anyway, I'm glad it all worked, Hailey sure felt special that day which is just what she needed! Now I just need to come to terms with having an EIGHT year old!!!

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