Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Dunes

We hit up the dunes again this year. It was sort of a last minute thing. Honestly we just weren't sure if it was the right thing for our family to do. But some of our good friends were going and convinced us to come too. I also remember how healing it was to go there last year after our miscarriage. So maybe it was just what our family needed. In the end it turned out the be a great trip. There were lot's of changes for our family this year. One...we didn't have a machine to ride other than Ben's quad. Which was ok. Even if we did have a machine, Nora was still too young to go in one. So we made do with little individual rides on the quad or we borrowed Bryce's Razr for 2 person rides. Still it was different not being able to get us all out there together. We also couldn't all go caving either because...Nora. Just too little. Which was find by me actually. For how much I LOVED the ice caves last year, I was so tired with a new baby this year that I was fine just sitting back and relaxing. And I did get to do a LOT of that. The kids had a blast! Hailey went out on lots of rides. Paige wouldn't get on a machine other than her trusty pink quad that she rode around camp. Cait got a new helmet and loved testing it out. There were lots of other kids in our group and it was fun for them to always have someone to play with. We spent lots of time at the 'lake' with out huge homemade water slide...and even did some wake boarding around the edges (pulled by a side by side). One of the days there were honestly 20 HUGE sand Rails sitting at the top of the our water slide while their drivers were having fun on the slide. My goal this trip was to bum a ride on a sandrail...and I got lucky this time. Some poor guy gave me, Ezra and Josie a ride around. It was awesome. Like soooo different from driving anything else on the sand. It felt safer and scarier. Just so cool.

Anyway, It was just such a nice trip. I'm glad we went. It was just what our family needed. Something fun...and a little taste of our old quadding life. I feel like it was a good way to get Ben 'back on the horse'...without really getting out riding like he normally does. Sort of a transition back to normal. Which honestly will never be 'normal' again, but we're at least moving in the right direction.

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