Saturday, April 08, 2006

I Love...

There are so many things I love in life, but my top love is my family. I love my parents, my brothers and sisters (which definitely includes inlaws), my nieces and nephews, and especially my husband. This post today is dedicated to how much I love being an aunt. I love my niece and my 4 nephews (including the one on the way). Here are some pics:

I love Matthew. He was the first Grandchild so of course we love - love - love him sooooo much. He is so crazy and full of energy, but still such a sweet little guy. He so tenderly teaches us about the world of action hero's so we don't forget who we are when we play. He loves to play.

I just love Marcus. I spend every Thursday playing with him and Tanya. He is so cute when he laughs and smiles - his little mouth scrunches up into his cheeks and random dimples pop up all over the place. He's so funny because he walks really well in secret - but in public he won't take a step unless he absolutely wants to.

I love Bradley - I don't have a picture of him right now, but I'll post it later. He's my special little nephew who lets me hold him, cuddle him and ask him all sorts of silly questionsHe just stares at me and lets me talk (although sometimes I think he's giving me the "I know you're crazy but I'll pretend to not notice" look.).

***Here is the promised pitcure of Bradley***

I love Emily, she is my only niece and she is such a cutie. She has such a unique and adorable personality. I love how for the longest time she thought I was also called Uncle Ben. I love how she is the perfect mix of all things girly with a touch of tomboy edge. She really is a little princess surrounded by dirty boys.

I love Carson. He is such a little man. Everything about his personality screams "BOY". He grunts and pounds on things and plays like little boys should. At the same time he is such a little flirt when he flashes his big smile and bats his long eyelashes. Who can resist his charms... definitely not me.

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