Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Winter - part I

Where to start... this is my first blog. I have an online journal, but it's private (as far as I know) so this is my first public posting. However, I do plan to keep this one a secret for a while. One day I will share with others, but for now it's just me and my keyboard.

So for now I don't really need an introduction, and I don't know if I ever will, but here it is anyway:

My dear Husband and I got married when I was only 19 (He was 22) on February 15 2003. I was such a child, but I loved him so much then, and I love him the same today - even more actually.

We worked hard after we got married to make a life for ourselves. Partly because suddenly I didn't have unlimited use of my parents car and free room and board and partly because we had goals and dreams we wanted to acheive. I was in school full time trying to finish my degree while working full time as well and he was working hard preparing for his Aprrenticeship training. We saved hard, but we had lots and lots of fun at the same time. We spent a ton of time laughing and enjoying eachother, plenty of weekends with our families and pretty much the rest of the time we filled with snowboarding during the winter and sunshine activities (the lake) during the summer.

After two and a half years of hard work, school and happy times, we bought our first home. It's such a cute little place and has been such a haven from the stresses of life. We love living here. Here is a picture of our home (unfinished of course - I just never ended up taking a finished picture):

We have a nice red door which makes it stand out from all the other houses on the street and sort of acts as a symbol of our relationship - Simple, Cute and a bit Crazy. The first day we moved in I prayed for rain because it seemed so dusty and dry everywhere. I learned a lesson that day - our prayers are always answered. After over a month of straight rain, and countless tragedies for our new little town, the rain stopped and the sun shone bright. Our house withstood the floods of 2005 - we were we so relieved and proud of our new little home. Winter came quickly in more ways that one in the end of 2005. Once again our house symbolized our relationship: we will stand strong and bold as we face the personal floods of 2006. The sun will come out again...

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