Friday, April 14, 2006

Pointless Part I

I was looking through some pictures today trying to decide on a topic for this post. I had a hard time deciding until I found this one:

I honestly laughed for so long just looking at Marcus face here - he is priceless.

So now I will share some of my silly pictures I have just because I can.

Here's Ben, I'm not sure if he's always a nimrod (it's up for debate) but in this picture he definitely is.
Here's Ben's sister Rebecca, I think it's pure evil of me to post this on here so I will explain: she is just silly here and is normally a very beautiful person. But this is definitely a funny picture. I better not tell her this one is here or she will just die!

Here's me at a "Modesty Fashion Show", I'm just not sure why I can't keep my mouth closed. If you ever watch me dance or do anything silly this is what I look like. Eyes shut and Mouth wide open...Crazy, I know.
Okay, here's another Marcus, I'm not picking on him it's just his pictures are sooooo funny.

I think Nate knows he can't avoid a page like this. The sad thing is I've seen worse (mostly of the rear end). I think Tan also knows she can't avoid her picture in here. What's funny is most the ones I have of her are really good - but I did find this one (I guess Sarah and I have our own issues too)

I know I have lots and lots of pics but I don't' have the time right now. All I can say is the rest of the family had better watch out...also Becc should know that I have seen a really good one of her which is prime posting material, but I can't find it right now. Maybe I'll make a Part II.

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