Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Aren't we cute?? Rebecca took this picture on Fathers day this weekend.

We had a nice day. Ben and I went out to Claresholm for the afternoon to spend time with his family - everyone came (except Chris, but he's in a completely different country). It was a nice warm afternoon and we spent most of it eating and visiting outside. The kids were cute as usual...seriously they were so cute. I just can't believe how grown up Emily is. She sat with me while I read three - yes THREE Dora books and one Blues Clues book. She was so great!!! She just sat there and read along with me like a big girl (I guess she'll be 4 this summer). Carson was so cute too...he love-love-loved the quads. Bens dad decided to take Emily for a spin on one and as soon as he fired it up, Carson dropped everything and ran as fast as his little legs (and waddling hips) could take him. It was sooo funny. He just wanted to be on that quad so bad.

It was nice to see the family, to visit with Rebecca and Randall, talk with Ashley about her beau, visit with Bens Grandma, see his parents, and look at the pictures from his Grannie and Granpa's trip. It was just nice, and relaxing - I had a good time. Although I did miss my family, and I think (judging by the three messages they left) they missed me too. I finally got a hold of my dad and we talked. He of course managed to make me cry when he asked that I wish Ben a happy Fathers day - regardless of how hard it would be.

Anyway, I just wanted to share something that happened that day that was really special. Right before we ate, Bens Grannie came up to me and gave me a hug - she whispered in my ear and told me that she too had lost a baby late in pregnancy - and that she knew how hard it was. She really knew. Of course I cried. I cried because I'm still sad, I cried because I'm still devastated, I cried because I wasn't expecting her to say that, but mostly I cried because she understands. She told me how heartbreaking it was to lose her baby and that it just devastated her. The most touching of all was when she said this, "We were married for nine years before we had our first baby". To me this was significant because she acknowledged the baby that came from that pregnancy. And knowing that she acknowledged that child, helps me to know that she acknowledges ours. We really missed Emma and Jayne on Fathers day, but it was actually one of the first days that I was really OK without them. I think I'll be ok.


Mom said...

Cute picture, really!!

Ben's Grannie is wonderful.

The Taylors said...

Meagan, I love your hair! You two are so cute. I read some of your earlier posts today. You are such a strong person. I hope I would be that strong if put in a situation like yours. I wish I could have met Emma and Jayne, they are special girls. I didn't know there was a special memorial like that for babies who don't make it. That is really something.