Saturday, July 01, 2006

Summer is here!!!

So we spent the last weekend down at Echo lake with Ben's Family. I had a lot of fun!!! It was sooooo hot, but sooooo perfect! We spent most of the time on the water or shopping - which is the perfect recipe for a poor sunburned girl. My shoulders got some serious sun!! I wore SPF 30 religiously, but the sun burnt through the sunscreen without any thought of how much pain it would cause me...very inconsiderate.

I think my favourite part of the trip was the time I spent with Emily. We were joined at the hips (well my knee and her hip). It was fun. Everytime we were in the boat she was on my lap; if we weren't in the boat I was on the trampoline with her, or floating in a tube with her, or reading a book with her or giving her princess necklaces (which she gave to me as well). She was Princess Emily and I was Princess Meagan.

I think Ben had lots of fun too, although he wasn't allowed to hang out with me - I was already taken. He did spend lots of time driving the boat for us, which we are very grateful for (except the part where he made me fly through the air on the tube...I got serious air!). I think he also spent a lot of time with Carson, Ben really loves Carson. This is how he describes it "that kid is cool, he is just so cool". Eloquent I know.

Anyway, here are some pics from the weekend:

Me on the Wakeboard (the photographer was smart to not zoom in on my cellulite)

Ben on the Wakeboard...Intense

Ben and Carson...Poor Kid

Emily and Me

The Girls and our Sunglasses

Anyway, I'm off to another Lake for another week of Holiday, this time with My Family...Stay Tuned for the Blog about that.

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