Tuesday, July 11, 2006

It's Stampede time!!

I love the Stampede...actually I think I love the memories of the Stampede more than the actual Stampede itself. Now, for how much I love the Stampede, I thought maybe I'd get out of it this year just because I'm lazy - but no such luck. Somehow, my two week Holiday erased my memory of all the work events going on this summer - particularly the one planned for today. So as it turns out EnCana decided to take us to the Stampede!! So I brought my camera, my Cowboy hat, and a smile - I was ready for fun! We had a nice buffet lunch, went outside to watch the Rodeo, and then I took a $55 cab ride home - thank you EnCana. The cab driver (who was very nice) Actually thanked me for living in Okotoks...who knew anyone cared? I figure, if I"m not using the free drink tickets, I might as well use the free taxi ride.

So here are some pictures from the day. Sorry they are so small, but for some reason my BLOG won't let you click and expand any of my pictures unless they are in the small format. It seems like everyone elses BLOG can do that, any suggestions?? So all you have to do is click on the picture and it will open it in another screen a lot bigger (hopefully).

So, here's the "Burning" CS (Calgary Stampede for you Rookies)

Here is one of a saddle Broncin' cowbot

A Bull Ridin' Cowboy

And me (I'm on the right (for you Rookies)- the other girl is Christina, a coworker of mine)

Anyway, I know I promised a BLOG about the lake, but you just need to be a bit more patient. I'm actually working on getting ALL of my pictures organized for that one. You'll see.

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