Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Chocolate chip a day...

So this last week we've had Ben's brother Chris staying with us. He was originally down in Kansas for the summer selling Alarm systems but decided to come home early for various reasons(I think there's a certain girl in his life that may have influenced this decision). Anyway, he has no where to live right now so we've lent him our spare room. Here's the background to my story: At the beginning of the week I was sick with some sort of flu/heat stroke thing or just some mystery puking illness. Anyway, we weren't sure what it was and just assumed it was heat exhaustion since I had that last year - mostly we didn't think it was contagious. Turns out we were wrong. Chris got sick this week and was up Wednesday night puking (thank you earplugs). Anyway, he had the house to himself all day Thursday and had to fend for himself. I just assumed he'd found food to eat because I know Chris isn't shy about digging around in our pantry or fridge - plus I offered him food when I got home, which he refused. I think I may have been wrong judging by what I found on Friday. So Friday morning Chris had gone home to Claresholm to get ready to head down to Echo Lake with his girlfriend's family (she's really nice by the way). Since he was gone for the weekend I thought I'd be a good little housewife/host and clean up a bit around the house. I tidied the living room and kitchen, organized the pantry and then decided I'd tidy up the spare room. Well I walked into "Chris's" room and this is what I found:

Seriously, it was too funny. This it the type of food a grown 23 year old eats when he's sick: a handful of chocolate chips and an un-cooked Pop Tart (He's like a little Chipmunk). He really needs a wife, someone who can take care of him when he's sick.

Anyway, that was my humour for the week. Nothing else exciting has happened besides that and finishing the fence. Today we're headed off to Nate and Tans new house for Nates 33rd B-day. I'm kind of excited to see it with all it's new furniture, it will have me itching for a new home (like my 1 year old house isn't new enough). But you know what I mean.

*Chris if you read this, please don't take offense, just be happy you made me laugh, it really is funny!

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Mom said...

I've read this twice -- no make that three times -- and I chuckle each time over "He's like a little Chipmunk." Maybe nothing else sounded good and even a dutiful, kind wife might have ended up saying, "Okay, you want chocolate chips and pop tarts, you can have them." :)