Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Fence time

So these last few weeks Ben and I have been working on our fence and we are almost done. Right before I went to the lake our neighbour came by with his bobcat and asked if we wanted to build a fence. Of course we did and of course we would LOVE the use of a bobcat to dig our holes. Need he even ask? So he so kindly dug all our post holes which seriously only took a half hour. We thought we were home free after that...Or so we thought. You'd think that with a handyman for a husband this fence would have been done in a day (also judging by the size of our yard). But no...we had some setbacks. The first was when our other neighbours not only refused to pay for their side (understandable) but when they also refused to help. I know he's a handy guy too, so it seems ridiculous that he wouldn't even help. Oh well...we'll put the nice side facing us.

Anyway, I went to the lake and Ben stayed behind to work. In the evenings he would work on the fence all by himself. Let me tell you, leveling a fence post is not an easy job... for two, and very likely impossible for one to do. But he tried anyway. SO to make along story short, the posts weren't level so we had to dig them up (which was ok since we didn't use cement) and then we had to put them back in. This seriously took so long. Right now we have all the fence posts in, and I think by the end of this coming weekend we will have the fence built - how exciting!!! Our first Fence in our first home!! So here are some pics:

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