Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bath Time

So when it comes to play time there is clearly a dominant personality in the home...and that personality belongs to the baby. No matter what the activity is, she certainly is the center of attention! Part of it is because we all just adore her and love to dote on her and make her happy, and the other part is that she has the loudest scream and screech in our house. I just recently started bathing the girls together. Hailey and Paige have bathed together for as long as I can remember. But because of Cait's kidney problems we've tried to avoid bathing her as much as possible...and espeically with other kids who maybe have other bacteria that Cait isn't normally exposed to. But I decided that enough was enough. This poor girl has spent enough months looking over the edge of the tub wishing she was playing with her sisters. So I tossed her in last week and she loved (and dominated) every second.

Drinking the last few drops of water from the faucet

Trying to force Hailey to drink from the faucet

And Hailey of course gave in

And telling me that she needs just ONE more minute before I pull her out. 

We sure love these little girls...and I especially love their unique and strong personalities!

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Anonymous said...

She had me at "one more minute." Well, actually, we're already wrapped around her little finger, and her sisters' fingers as well. :)
Love, G-Ma and G-Pa