Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ice Fishing

We went Ice fishing a few weeks ago with Ben's family (but without Ben...because he was away for the weekend). It's seriously such a fun family tradition! I love that we do this every year...and even though it's often FREEZING it's not that bad because we're Canadian! Hahaha. Actually Chris has a huge ice fishing tent that we can all bundle into and when the heater's running it's pretty toasty. We had hotdogs (cooked over the fire), hotchocolate, and lots of other food. It was a pretty fun and relaxed day!

Hailey really had fun sitting at the various holes waiting....and waiting to catch a fish

Paige like to be wherever Uncle Chris was. They even caught a HUGE fish and she TOUCHED it!! Not like me at all. 

Ice fishing wouldn't be complete without a ride around the lake behind a quad (or Grandpa's Gator) - note how Hailey and her Cousin Addie have the same winter coat. Try to guess who's who in these pictures?

Cait just relaxed in the tent with her Nana

And her Great Grandma

Hailey decided to give her new skates a go...this picture just crack me up. Pretty much everyone is down or almost down. The ice was slippery. And I know that sounds silly to say. Of COURSE Ice is slippery. But this ice was extra slick!

Paige also gave her skates a whirl

Hailey quickly decide she hated skating...

 BUT...Once she realized she could skate with a chair for support, she LOVED it!

And Cait...just chilling in the stroller. All bundled up, eyes covered etc. Poor babies, they really do get a raw deal. 

Anyway, we're excited to do this again! Maybe next time Ben will come and bring his snowmobile!!


Anonymous said...

Where was Ben? We want to come with you the next time we're in Alberta for a winter -- or maybe you can all come to Quebec and do the same thing here!
Love the bundled people and the almost skaters. So fun.
Love, G-Ma and G-Pa in Quebec

The McGales said...

Love the pictures! Priceless one of Becca freaking out in the sledding on. And I LOVE the skating one where everyone is down haha