Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Farm

There are so many perks I got when I married Ben. Besides just being a great awesome guy...we also get to be part of his family! And we just love them so much. BUT, one of the coolest things, and something I just LOVE, is that Ben's parents live on a farm. My girls LOVE the farm and would choose to visit there every day (mostly because of the dogs and a grandma who spoils them). But they just love the freedom they have to explore. A week ago we took the kids out to the farm for the day, and I followed the bigger girls around for an hour while they showed me their favourite places. 

We started off with a walk to the Barn

Then we found Daddy and Grandpa 'upstairs' in the Barn insulating the roof

We left the barn and took a rest in the wheel of the tractor

Then we went around the corner and took a picture beside Ben's 1929 Model A

Next we ran up and down the aisles of Hay Bales

And then Grandpa took us for a ride in his Gator out to feed the cows

We got a few strange looks

And we finished the tour with a visit to Daddy and Grandpa who were changing the tires on the truck

I just really cherish the times we get to visit. This is such a new experience being a city girl with no country relatives and all. It just fascinates me...every time. The endless space, all the things you can do, the fun, the great family etc etc etc. It's good to be me:)

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Anonymous said...

I love that your girls have a farm and more family to love them. :) When I was little we had a farm in the family and it was always a special place -- in fact that is where G-Pa officially proposed. :)
Love, G-Ma in Jolette