Saturday, February 02, 2013

Thank you

Thank you to those of you who commented with such kind words! It's nice to know people still read my blog and that you care! I really appreciate everything you said and it's nice to know that I'm not the only one that struggles here and there in my everyday normal life. And you're all right...we generally do just post our best moments - and that's just ok!

So here's a not so recent update. I've been busy lately (as you could tell from my last post). I've been babysitting, teaching piano, bringing meals to new or sick moms in the ward, dealing with my sick baby, taking some online photo editing courses, doing small amounts of paperwork for the business, trying to get the laundry situation under control, trying to lose weight (working out daily), carpooling, meal planning, budgeting (that's a new one for me) etc etc etc. I LOVE all of it! I really do. And I know other moms do a hundred times more that that...and some do less. And yet we all feel equally as busy. That's the mom thing right?

Anyway, I remember last year there was this BEAUTIFUL snow day. It was one of those warm almost chinook like days where the snow falls, and it's heavy and dense and wet and pretty much sooo perfect for making snowmen. And every one and their dog was outside making giant snowmen... and dogs. And I was inside puking because I was sooooo pregnant and had the flu. And my poor kids didn't get the opportunity to make perfect snowmen because the snow melted the next day. So, this year I swore that I would NOT miss another snow day. BUT guess snuck up on me again! I wasn't sick, but just so unaware of the world outside my little gong show that I didn't realize that everyone and their dog were out making snowmen again!! What the what? Seriously...someone call me when this happens!!

So the next day...I willed it to be a great snow day. I invited Lauren and her kids to come over early (before she headed to work and I babysat) and we decided to help the kids build the most glorious snowman...and it's dog! amount of will power from me could turn that snow (that was gorgeous less than 24 hours earlier) into perfect snowman snow again! So, I built a mound of snow, the kids ate icicles and then decorated their snow mound  Which I must the BEST snow-mound I've seen ALL year...even if it didn't have a dog.


The Hayhurst Family said...

Us sick mom's in the ward (and our families) totally appreciated your kindness. To serve without being asked even when it is so much easier to just be busy with your own family. The past few weeks have been rough but would have been even worse without your kindness - twice!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Lahni said...

Don't worry - we didn't build snowmen either. I never do that kind of stuff with my kids - I kind of hate outside.

Anonymous said...

I love your snow mound and the artists who created it with the loving guidance of a very special and fun Momma! Way to go!
Love, G-Ma and G-Pa all the way across country in Quebec, where there is lots and lots of snow but no snowmen ... we need some grands here. :)

I am Dee said...
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KC @ genxfinance said...

Awww Who's that in purple overalls. He's so cute with those ears!

Sorry, new here. ;)