Thursday, February 06, 2014

Grandpa Waugh

Ben's Grandpa passed away a couple weeks ago. The week before he passed we were able to make a trip down to visit him in the nursing home. The girls played quietly on the floor, we looked at old pictures and grandpa slept. At one point he opened his eyes as we were leaving, he looked at Cait and smiled for a moment before falling asleep. This was such a touching moment for us because it just epitomizes the kind of man he was. In the 12 years I've known him he was always happy and kind. He loved seeing the kids and was just such a joy to be around. It is sad to have him gone, but we are grateful to know that we'll see him again. He was a great man and lived such an honest and righteous life that it gives us something to work towards.

Playing on the floor at the nursing home

Showing granpda some pictures

Hailey and Grandpa a few summers ago

Paige and Grandpa - July 1 2011

Hailey hugging Grandpa

Ben and his Grandpa

A fun afternoon in Raymond - 2011

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What a nice tribute.