Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentines Day

In a house of girls, especially girls like mine, who's parents got married the day after Valentines day, you can certainly bet that celebrating Valentines day is a big deal. It is. We get out our craft supplies weeks before the big day, and get started. Like with all Holidays, I let the kids run the show on this one. We don't do anything super fancy, I don't photoshop cute phrases onto cards, or their pictures onto lollipops or any of that pinterest stuff. I let THEM make their own valentines and I let them individually express their feelings to their peers. Some valentines have more sparkles than others, some are on blue paper, some on pink, some have drawings of their friends and some just have their names. It's a labour or love and I love how they turn out each year. We even enlisted a friend (and piano student of mine) one day to help cut the hearts out.

So if making valentines is such a big deal around here, you KNOW that receiving them is just as important. Ben is great with this. He KNOWS he has 4 little girls to impress (Ok I'm not so little - but I'm still a girl). Every year he buys a dozen flowers....the girls each get one, and I get the rest. Then we put them all in one vase together and swoon over our awesome dad/husband!

And just so you know...I thought I'd share a brief moment of reality. 

And then one second later...the picture face

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