Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Hair Cut Time

So it was time. Time to cut hair. Time to say goodbye to all the crying and whining when their hair gets brushed. Time to have easier hairstyles and sometimes hair that looks good without being brushed and straightened or curled. It was time. Oh boy was it time. I still wanted their hair long...and so did they! It's so much part of their identity that I couldn't do a short cut. But a pretty decent trim would hopefully do the trick. My only concern was cutting Paige's hair. It's so pretty and curly, and I was scared I could cut those curls off. 

Paige before - all brushed straight and long

Paige After...still a small bit of curl. BUT far far from what it used to be. I think I want to cry.

And Hailey's after...I totally forgot her before picture. Just picture it going right down to her pants. Yup. It was LONG!

Anyway, it's been so nice to have their hair at a reasonable length again. It brushes so nicely and just looks so much better. I'm still sad about Paige's hair. I think I'm going to take her into a real hairdresser and have them cut some layers into it and soften up then ends...maybe that'll bring back the curls a bit more. 

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Anonymous said...

I remember your first ever haircut - we cut off all the curls and I thought they would come back right away because I had curly hair, but they didn't. At least not right away and no ever as curly as they were when you were really little. :(
You girls all have the prettiest hair.